Valley Baptist Church

305 Raymond Ave
San Francisco, CA 94134
415 467-6055

Church Covenant

Since we have committed ourselves to Jesus Christ and have been accepted, forgiven, and redeemed by God our Father; and having entered into the fellowship of his church;

 We covenant with God to seek:

   to be open to giving and receiving God's love

   to yield to the Holy Spirit's control of our lives

   to hear his word when it is spoken and speak on his behalf

   to see where he is at work and join him in his work.

We covenant with one another to seek:

   to minister to one another, being sensitive to individuals, families, and groups, responding to needs     with appropriate Christian action

   to nurture each person as they grow in wisdom, faith, and personal relationships

   to help each person discern their gifts and to call them to exercise these gifts

   to create and nurture a Christian atmosphere in our homes

   to provide Christian education for all our children

   to provide opportunities for worship, Bible study, fellowship, mission action and ministry

   to give back to God a portion of our earnings, giving sacrificially when such giving is needed

   to have a Christian influence upon the social issues of our community

   to seek by Christian example and personal witness to win others to Christ.

We further covenant that when we move from this community, we will as soon as possible, unite with another church where we can continue in fellowship and service with God's people.